Standing in the garden at midday, Connie waved her wand in a Z pattern, chanting, “Roses red and orchid blue, Heidi will no longer be offensive to you.” She aimed her wand at Rory’s cat. He had asked her to fix his tabby’s behavior problems. And Connie thought that surely with this spell, Heidi wouldn’t scratch the furniture anymore. Her wand released a ribbon of light that encircled Heidi as the cat licked its paw indifferently. Once the light dissipated, it revealed Heidi, who had suddenly turned blue. Rory gasped and ran up to his cat, picking it up.
“What did you do?” Connie cringed.
“Oh dear. That wasn’t supposed to happen.” Heidi scratched Rory’s hand and he let her down gently, staring in dismay at its discolored coat.
“Well.” Rory said, angry. “What’s an incompetent mage like you practicing magic for? You’re just a danger to yourself and others, aren’t you? Don’t just stand there, change her back.” Connie fumbled with her wand.
“R-right. So sorry!” But before she could cast another spell, her teacher Xanthus-who had her nose in a book-walked up behind Connie.
“That’s quite enough Connie.” Connie’s heart fell: now even Xanthus, who she respected so much, was fed up with her. Xanthus waved her own wand, not even looking up, and said “Repair what was done and fix what you see, dye the one who is offensive to me.” To undo Connie’s spell. Rory picked up Heidi, now in her usual orange hue, and glared at Connie. Connie had her hand over her mouth.
“See to it that you quit magic soon.” Rory said, turning to leave. Connie giggled as he walked away.
“But Xanthus, didn’t you tell me to only use magic for good?” Xanthus shrugged, staring at Rory, who was now every color of the rainbow, like a patchwork quilt.
“He should have known better and patiently trained his cat like a good owner. Come on, let’s go make some tea.” And with that, Connie and Xanthus went inside their cottage.
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